Priority Customer Program

The Priority Customer Program is a simple DISCOUNT FUEL program designed to benefit
commercial customers. Priority prices are always 12 cents per gallon less than standard
fuel prices, including gasoline, diesel, off-road diesel, kerosene, and even # 2 heating oil.
There are no special membership fees, no special charge cards, or any specific purchase
volumes required to participate. However, there is a fourteen-day billing window
requirement, and payment must be made with a check, cash, or ACH/EFT. Payment by any
plastic card is not allowed. The account must be kept current on a weekly basis. That's the
whole deal in a nutshell, but there are additional benefits that will save you even more
money as listed below. Join the program and enjoy the savings. Please direct inquiries to
JW at 540-962-1983. The entire sign up process takes about 5 minuets.


  •  12 cents per gallon discount
  •  $10 off Truck, Auto, Saw Shop Labor
  •  10% off all Stihl power units (saws, weedeaters, leaf blowers, etc.)
  •  10% off all Stihl Parts & Accessories
  •  10% off all grass seed and straw
  •   5% off all fertilizer & lime
  •  10% off all logging hardware/supplies
  •  50% off all DOT and VA State Inspections
  •  Free coffee at main Farm and Fuel Store


Application for the Priority Customer Program
Wood Fiber Hauling Companies
Freight Hauling Companies
Logging Companies
Excavating Companies
Farming Operations
Mechanical Contractors
Timber Companies
Material Handling Companies
Furniture Comanies
Plumbing Companies
Metal Fab Companies
Florist Companies
Industrial Companies
Car Dealerships
Salvage Companies
Lumber Companies
Insurance Companies
Funeral Home Companies
Medical Transport Companies
Appliance Retail Companies
Legal Attorneys
News Paper Route Companies
Carnival Companies
Fire & Rescue Companies
Snow Removal Companies
Bus Line Companies
Heating & Air Companies
Stone Quarry Companies